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Eucalyptus, as the main fast -growing forest variety in my country, has gradually increased in recent years. By 2017, my country ’s eucalyptus planting area has reached 4.6 million h㎡, accounting for 6.5%of the artificial forest area. 26.9%of the yield of wood. As the main plantation of the artificial forest in my country, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places. Due to the support of industrial policies, the planting area of eucalyptus has gradually increased.

Eucalyptus also known as the Eugali tree, is a collective name for Taojin Niang and Eucalyptus plants. Evergreen tall trees, about 600 species. Evergreen plants have periodic dead leaves off within a year. Most varieties are tall trees, and a few are small trees, which are shrubs. The shape of the canopy has a spire -shaped, branched shape, and vertical branches. Single -leaf, full, leather, sometimes a layer of thin wax. The leaves can be divided into three categories: young leaf, middle leaves, and mature leaves. Most varieties of leaves are raw, smaller, heart shape or wide cut.

Most of the eucalyptus wood is both heavy and hard and durable. It is very widely used. It is mainly used for artificial ships, bridges, railway pillow woods, railways, carriages, furniture, agricultural tools, floor panels, furniture, textile appliances, sports instruments, barrels, pole wood, pile wood, pillars, etc. Essence In Australia, the blue eucalyptus used in the train can be used for at least 20 years. This use has high requirements for the elasticity and strength of wood. In Graphiba (Australia), the house built with eucalyptus is still intact after 30 years. The bridges and pile woods on the river (northwestern Canada) are used in eucalyptus trees, and it is still intact after 40 years. After reasonable treatment, eucalyptus can be as hard and durable as steel.

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