Development status of Guangxi wood industry

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Guangxi's plantation area is more than 134 million mu, accounting for about one tenth of the national total. It is a major production base of fast-growing and high-yield forests in China. The region's timber output exceeded 42 million cubic meters, accounting for about 5 percent of the country's forestland and producing more than 50 percent of the country's timber, making important contributions to national timber security.

Development status of Guangxi wood industry

In order to consolidate the green foundation of forestry, Guangxi forestry department will organically unify afforestation and management and protection, only do "addition" rather than "subtraction", adhere to scientific afforestation. We will vigorously promote the restructuring of tree species in ecologically important areas such as drinking water source reserves, carry out pilot projects to transform pure artificial forests, develop native tree species, precious tree species, and economic forests with special characteristics such as camellia, walnut and nut, cultivate large-diameter timber, non-saving timber and mixed forest, and create colorful and colorful forests. The proportion of indigenous tree species, precious tree species and mixed forests created by key ecological projects in the region has increased from about 10 percent to more than 80 percent.

We will promote the high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation of forest resources of core tree species, such as eucalyptus, pine and Chinese fir, and improve their precise management quality. We will vigorously develop fast-growing precious tree species and native tree species, build high-standard and high-quality commercial forests, and build the country's largest core base for strategic timber reserve. At present, the accumulative area of national reserve forest in the whole region exceeds 12 million mu, and the construction scale and construction quality rank the first in China.

Development status of Guangxi wood industry

It is expected that by 2025, the total output value of the forestry industry in the region will exceed 1 trillion yuan, with the output of wood reaching more than 50 million cubic meters, the output of camellia seeds exceeding 1 million tons, and the economic development area under the forest reaching 70 million mu. The development quality and benefits of the forestry industry will be significantly improved. A modern forestry area with beautiful forest ecology, strong forestry industry, rich forest people and flourishing ecological culture will be basically built.

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