Guangxi Eucalyptus Planting Area Ranks First In The Country

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         Eucalyptus, native to Australia. At present, the area of eucalyptus in China has reached 1.5 million hectares, second only to Brazil and India, ranking third in the world. At present, artificial eucalyptus forests are planted in Guangdong to plant 300,000 hectares, 200,000 hectares in Guangxi, 180,000 hectares in Hainan, and 170,000 hectares in Yunnan. In addition, Sichuan, Hunan and other places have tried to plant eucalyptus in cold areas. trend.

         In Guangxi, the forestry army includes foreign giants such as the Indonesian Golden Group, Finnish Sidomo, and the Japanese Prince Paper. There are also state -owned forest farms such as Gaofeng Group, as well as a large number of fiber board factories, small and medium -sized civilian forestry companies and millions of farmers. According to information, the afforestation enthusiasm of major enterprises is still unabated, and they are actively investing in investment and ambitious expansion of eucalyptus planting area in the provinces and regions of the south.

         When eucalyptus planting area expands at a unusual speed, experts began to worry about the large -scale planting of this foreign species in China. In the mid -1990s, at a eucalyptus academic seminar held in Guangdong, he had fiercely argued whether eucalyptus would destroy the ecological environment. At that time, the view was upper hand.

         The earliest domestic eucalyptus forests were the earliest large -scale to build artificial eucalyptus forests. Since 1954, after 50 years of operation, it has 700,000 acres of eucalyptus forest land. Today, 80%of the artificial forests of the Leizhou Peninsula are eucalyptus, so they are known as "Eucalyptus Island". Dr. Mo Xiaoyong, chief engineer of Leizhou Forestry Bureau, told reporters: "Leizhou Forestry Bureau has planted eucalyptus on the same land for 50 years. Now the vegetation on this land is still very good. After long -term observations, there are more than 20 vegetation in eucalyptus forests. Species instead of not being born like what people call. "

         The Eucalyptus Research and Development Center, built in 1987, is the only national eucalyptus research center in the world. Its research level is in the leading position in China. Director Yang Minsheng of the Center said that after a long -term observation research, there is no scientific basis that eucalyptus can have toxic and biochemical phase effects on other plants. When land resources are sufficient to trees and shrubs, the vegetation under the eucalyptus forest will also grow strong.

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