Eucalyptus is suitable for Household Products

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Eucalyptus furniture is relatively flexible. It can make some structured structures with a large degree of bending.

It grows fast and material is cheap. The furniture made is not expensive and suitable for ordinary consumers. There are large trial forests in foreign countries, so wood raw materials do not have to worry about lack.

The color is shallow, suitable for some elegant indoor and outdoor. People who like light -colored tones are the first to look at them as light -colored natural homes.

The surface of the furniture made is smooth.

 Light color is not suitable for more gorgeous decoration matching

The material is not tough, the processing and use of it are easy to break. Because it is a shortage of fast -ranging wood on the ground, the service life is not long. It is only suitable for general furniture.

It is widely used and is mainly used on furniture and other small items. Especially for the production of antique furniture.

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