The origin of eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus, also known as Yogali Tree, first appeared in Australian countries, and then slowly introduced to China. Due to its with the characteristics of fast growth and strong adaptability, a large amount of planting has been cultivated in southern China.

Eucalyptus is a subtropical tree species, and its growth characteristics are very unique and significant. Usually, eucalyptus loves high temperature. Long -term growing in a sunny environment, the soil conditions for planting eucalyptus should be kept humid. Remember to dry.Although eucalyptus has strong drought resistance, it is difficult to resist cold, so the main planting area of eucalyptus trees.

It is in various provinces and cities in the southern region of my country. The temperature is moderate and the environment is suitable. Eucalyptus will not rely too much on water resources,the speed of evaporation is quite slow, and there are no too much requirements for the growth environment. Generally, as long as the land environment is fertile.

The soil is sufficient. At the same time, because the eucalyptus is deeply rooted in the soil, it has the time to face the wind and rain.

The ability to block the wind and rain. During the growth, multiple rhizome positions in eucalyptus can breed wood tumors, and these wooden tumors are existence can create sufficient reserve nutrients for the new bud.

The growth cycle of eucalyptus is not long, and the growth rate is fast. It can be cut once every 6 years or so, which can be carried out reasonable planting and cutting use. Although the growth cycle of eucalyptus is not long, the effective utilization rate is high, it can be great

Development and development. At present, the actual demand for eucalyptus and its wood is large. It is widely used in garden greening and industrial industries.

At present, Guangxi is the most important regions of producing wooden broom sticks, (Natural Stick, PVC Coated Stick, Varnished Stick) and shovel stick.rake stick.

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The origin of eucalyptus

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